What to do when a human approaches you?

General Tips

  1. You are going about your day and a human ask, “you alright?”. You are yet to master the way humans share stories! Don’t panic, they are just saying hello! Just ‘alright’ back at them and you’re all set.

  2. Human egos are fragile, handle with care!

  3. Handshake, or the action of clasping each other’s hand, is a greeting and parting tradition on Earth. It’s often mixed up with the Zethion 6UB tradition of challenging someone to a duel.

  1. We kindly ask you not to confuse post boxes with bins.

  2. ​Plants in populated cities are usually not hostile unlike their Earth fiction counter parts. Should any plant tries attack you, please inform us right away, we have a situation!

  3. Some cheese products have wax packaging that are not edible; best not to snack like this human!

  4. We do not recommend having a philosophical conversation with geese, after Andromeda galaxy’s popular animal themed cartoon Thinking 2.O portrayed Earth philosopher Aristotle as a goose.

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