Earth Undergoing Virus Pandemic, the Bureau of Intergalactic Affairs Declares Planetary Lockdown

16 March 2020

4:30 pm

Luca A.

Daily Stars

A new strand of Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, discovered in late December 2019 (Earth time) has developed into a global pandemic. On Earth, the virus is causing a severe rerespiratory disease, named Covid-19, to Homo Sapiens. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Bureau of Intergalactic Affairs has issued a planetary lockdown. All travel to Earth is prohibited until the effect of the virus on various planets is determined. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Intergalactic Affairs and ambassadors of Earth has warned against calling SARS-CoV-2 'the Earth virus', those who failed to do so will face a fine of up to £4000 (Earth currency).

Brooms Don’t Fly: Earth Suffers From Broom Shortage as Nearby Galaxies Indulge in Fantasy

21 December 2019

10:00 am

Etta O.

A Cuff of Copy Press

Fantasy fictions created by humans have gained increasing popularity among nearby galaxies. The theme of magic is top in demand. This produced an unexpected side effect in the UK, a country on Earth. Brooms, a type of everyday household item has became a highly sought-after souvenir. 

The sudden surge in broom sales left unknowing local Earthlings confounded. As in-store and online sales have proliferated by 248% and 316% respectively, retails across the UK are suffering from supply shortages. Many shops have placed a purchase limit of 2 brooms per costumer, in an attempt to mitigate this problem. Retail employees have been recommending vacuum cleaners as an alternative. 

Broom manufacture companies have extended both their working and delivery hours. The brooms are getting back onto the shelves as production rate steadies and sales are slowly returning to normal. However, the data of the ‘broom crisis’ are being analysed by Earth technology companies, data scientists claim the rapid sales to be unexplainable. To prevent further complications, memories relating to this event could be removed from local humans involved.

The Kadukiĝo Strike Again

12 October 2019

11:30 am

Calix H.

Science Rumours 

Travellers going to Earth are warned by the Intergalactic Centre of Health Service to take precautions, as another wave of Kadukiĝo infestation have swarmed the planet. Those who are travelling to Earth are advised against taking important documents or valuables on their journey. It is recommended to equip Kadukiĝo repelling technologies, traveling agencies will also provide them for their customers.

For planets and galaxies that are unaware of the Kadukiĝo, they are a species of parasite that attaches to both non-living objects and biological beings. The Kadukiĝo affect objects differently to biological beings. Medical surveys show that biological beings are influenced psychologically, usually resulting in small increments of memory loss that one will not likely to notice. For example, forgetting the name of one’s favourite lamp. They are not a serious threat to people as there is a limit on how much memories they can absorb before leaving their host. The Kadukiĝo is a territorial species; multiple Kadukiĝo cannot inhabit a single host simultaneously. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet they can be avoided by staying in dim areas as the Kadukiĝo travels through light.

The Kadukiĝo reacts more aggressively towards inert objects by causing physical damage. Every object they touch will decay and fade away. Cracks formed on walls, yellowed pages and eroded engravings are possible signs of Kadukiĝo invasion. Currently, there are insufficient research to understand their behaviour. Their origin remains undiscovered, some scientists believed that they were made along the creation of the universe. Others think that the Kadukiĝo are engineered techno-biological hybrid by ancient extinct races, due to their ability to attack inert objects.

Spasion is temporarily closed due to planetary lockdown.